Friday, October 10, 2008

Vivienne Westwood

British Artist, who made SEX PISTOLS with Jamie Reid and Malcolm McLaren, and have been leading real punk history and fashion history,
her name is Vivienne Westwood!!!
And finally, I got one of her art work,, it is a super duper cute choker for my neck! Kent got for me in UK. I am so happy (>_<)

I did not have any of her art works (products) since I never be able to afford them, but her visualization has been always super inspiring since I saw her t-shirts in end of 1980s.

I was fashion shops manager to sell imported clothes and toys from US and UK besides Japanese stuff in Nagoya, and most of friends I had that time were working at flag fashion shops, and DJs, punk kids, hip hop kids and reggae kids ... I was reggae DJ too..JAH,
and the first night for sppining my music at a club, I borrowed mickey-t to wear from my friend HIDEO! I borrowed his clothes sometimes when we had parties...he is also in my DJ team. And We Love Punk!
ANYWAY, I finished new painting which I dedicate to Vivienne Westwood. it is an image of my first silkscreen tshirt I made in school.



stella im hultberg said...

ahhh mari, i love your hero blog and ms.westwood too!!
so lucky you got to meet michel gondry - you know he lives in brooklyn now? ;)
come visit and we can stalk him!

MARILLA said...

OH~ Stellah~ thank you for comment,,, yes,, we should stalk him serious....(^__^)!!!!!