Sunday, November 9, 2008


Last year February,
I met Michel Gondry, well it was more like I went to see him, and told him how much I love his films, and gave him my animation DVD and my pink bunny bobble head
And he drew Sena and me that time, and I was so happy and excited, and even thought about that him and me would work together in future for serious.

and then, I met AYAKO-chan in Summer 2007, and she told me that she would be leading role in his new movie, "TOKYO"!!
I was so excited and happy for her, and she said to me " I will become best friend of him and we can see each other in LA in near future."

And this year, in Spring ,,She sent me a picture of a shelf which is filled with interesting toys. And I found my pink bobble head inside.....and there was question from her...(can you guess whose shelf is this?)
and I said,,,(it is yours!) ..and she went..(no.. it is Michel's)
can you quess how much I got excited.....?

Last month, Ayako-chan came back from Japan for her jobs, but hopefully we had a lot of time to spend together,
(Sena is a good photographer!)

And she took me to see MICHEL GONDRY's lecture at Hummer museum. Ha~(exhale...) it was just so~ amazing to see and hear his genius thought, and techniques. I hope they will make DVD or something....

Before the lecture,, she introduced me to him, I was super duper nervous, and asked him, if he rememberd me...
But he did not, of course not,,,,but I was getting weird upset, talking to him in Japanese and English, and explaining about bobble head and stuff....And he said..." Oh yeah... I remember... I sent you a mail... right?" and I said "NO~!"
and then said to him, " you need to draw me and then you won't forget this time,,,,since
Ayako is hear to be as a witness"...
Ayako-chan mentioned later,, it was so funny that I looked super scary because I was so nervous...yes right.... look the drawing he drew....

And here are pictures Ayako-chan took,

Look who is in back sheet of MY CAR! muhaha ha ha~.

We went out after the lecture to a restaurant on Sunset Blvd.
and I was (of course) nervous having famous people in my car, and needed to follow Michel's assistant's car,
and here is scary part....
I needed to stop at the signal which was located crazy up hill on La Cienega BLVD.( I am traumatized since i had a bad experience there before),,,and I got super duper mega nervous with sweat, and I made crazy noise with stepping clutch pedal too long time... And made my car really stinky. Yes I burned clutch pedal..Michel said to me, I should not drive stick shift car..ha ha ha.......And of course, when I got there, with super nervous paniced head with scary face, I yelled at Michel's assistant,," why you used the street? it was so so scary..." he went..(nah~~).....
I thought that I could kill them... I am seriously glad I did not kill them.
Hopefully Michel remembers this time.......