Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Kento got a super nice cute camera and experimenting all the time..( pretty cute) and here is one I like..

I am taking antibiotics now....2nd day out of 5 days.
I got a bad cold, I think,,because I have been starting coughing. First I got tonsillitis, bad fever, and swollen inside outside,,and pain, so not able to swallow water...It was the worst. I do not think I have strong immune system。Last weekend was just nightmare. Sena and Kento were so worry and super nice to me..I even thought, infection was so so strong that I was not able to be ok, and so told Kento,,,"if something would happen to me, please take Sena to Yumi (my sister lives in BOSTON),,,", well, yeah I was ok, of course, Kento took me to see a doctor on Monday, but on Sunday, I was scared. ( yet did not want to go to emergency hospital,,I know I know I believed I was ok.....rolling my eyes), you know I am kind of ( kind of ?!) drama queen...ha

It is so cold now, but no heater in my apartment, it is broken.
Sena and I do not like any heaters, since warm air makes our head hurt, so we never liked them, however, since I got this sickness, I finally turned it on, and started using from two days ago, and it was pretty good, even though sometimes it made weird noise, but it did not make our head hurt...( we got a gas heater stuck on the wall,, you know that one,,)
But last night, it made a big bomb noise, so I turned it off! and there were some black burn pieces around that heater...
And so I called landlord first thing in this morning, but,, repairman did not show up...F#$@@%^&*&*(&^%&&!!!!
I called three times to make sure that I would get repair TODAY!!!

Since we moved in this apartment, I needed to get a repairman 3,4 times, and he came right away, when I called landlord.
So I was not worry too much, but somehow this time,,he did not show up. I should not be upset this much, but I need to be in a warm room, because I have a pretty BAD COLD!!!

We are living F(()_!@#$^%^&* Be#$%^ly HI!#@$%$$^ls,,
honestly, there are so so so so so so many BI@#$%%%s and A@#@$%H@!@!#$ here,, I knew it, I knew it!

We may move out,,, I do not know for sure yet, since Sena is a super duper good student at BHHS, and she is so trying to keep super good everyday with crazy amount of homework and tests,,,,
well, I will think a little bit later when I have clear head.

Ok, now I need to tell you why I titled, "MY HEROS",,
Because they are my heros.. real heros.

I have been having pretty bad days recently, and cannot control well my emotion, so I have been Bi(*&^%$H in front of them, so they need to be patient listening my *&&^@@#$#%%! and seeing my !@###$@#$ stuff all the time.
( I haven't even seeing anybody,,cannot kind of. Except sometimes, Chihiro-chan(>__<)....)

Thank you Sena, Kento. Because you are always beside me, taking care of me and protecting me, I have been able to do what I want to do and how I want to be.
I really really wish HAPPINESS to you.
I hope I will be ok soon...